Our Services

For many new businesses the expense of starting a company and the time invested into branding an identity are often overwhelming for business owners.  Our specialty is start-up collateral for new businesses.  Creating the right image early on will help you brand your company and let you focus on providing your product or service.  4 Creative Designs, Inc. will work with you to grow your business through creative marketing.

Ads & Flyers


Ads and flyers are an excellent way to promote your business. Placing your ad in the right medium can bring you quality leads that can be turned into lifelong customers. We are available to help you identify the best outlet for your advertisments.

If your budget does not allow for print advertisements, you may want to consider using online advertising as a more affordable solution. Many newspapers, magazines, and industry specific websites offer an online advertising option.

Flyers are another method of advertising that can be used in different ways to help you achieve your goal of reaching more customers. Posting them in local establishments, mailing them to a target market, or emailing them to a customer list are all effective methods of offering your services.



Brochures are a great way to let the reader gain in-depth knowlege about your products or services. Most consumers want to know who they are doing business with as well as detailed information about the product or service that they looking for.

Brochures can provide your company with credibility. In addition, they are a versatile marketing piece that can be mailed to consumers or can be offered in various locations your consumers may frequent.

Business Cards

Business Cards

The purpose of a business card is to provide your contact information to your consumers...along with all of your competitors. What makes a business card stand out? It's whatever catches the consumers eye. It could be as simple as the colors used, the design, the typography, or even the helpful information that is sometimes printed on the back.

Finding the right mix for your company will help you get your contact information into your customers hands.



Logos are an essential symbol of corporate representation. It can add credibility and confidence to your consumers. Even in the absence of any other information, a well branded logo will easily form an association in the consumers mind.

Much thought goes into creating a logo for a company. Colors, shapes, typography and images should all be representative of what you want the logo to portray.

Letterhead & Envelopes

Letterhead & Envelopes

Letterhead has come a long ways in the past 20 years. By releasing the constraints of a heavy text base and focusing on color and design, corporations have been able to make their correspondence more appealing.

Utilizing a well designed logo and the companies color scheme is essential to add consistency across all of the corporations collateral. One overlooked piece has traditionally been the envelope. In reality, as long as it meets the United States Postal Services specifications, the envelope can be utilized to convey more than just the recipient and senders addresses. Messages and design are becoming a popular addition to this piece.

Post Cards


Post cards are an inexpensive method to reach your target market directly. A bulk mail permit is available for purchase through your local post office. As long as the mail piece meets the United States Postal Services' requirements a bulk rate is charged for your post card campaign.

Post cards can be used for branding as well as solicitation. An eye catching piece with a call to action can be a great means to obtain new customers.

Report Design & Presentations

reports & presentations

Our report design services can bring life to data that you have compiled. Presenting it in an attrative manner can compel the reader to explore aspects that they may otherwise skim over. Adding appropriate graphics and charts can often times provide a visual representation that is easier to put into prespective than providing the same information in text.

Our design service will bring an appealing visual display to your presentation. Adding images and charts will allow you to focus on the content while allowing the audience to get a clearer understanding of the information that you are presenting.

Web Design & Development

web design

A web presence is essential for today's business. Most consumers will research who they are doing business with. There are many solutions that will help you promote the right image through your web site. With the evolution of technology, today's websites are informative as well as highly visual. All with maintaining fast loading time.

Whether your business needs a simple "calling card" type of a site or a fully functioning ecommerce solution, we can help bring your business to the online community.

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